My Puppy Is Defiant And Destructive

My Puppy Is Defiant And Destructive

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Do you have a puppy that is defiant and destructive?

No, you really don’t.

In order to be defiant, a dog has to know what it is you want them to do, and the dog has to have had enough training to come to that conclusion. I don’t think that it is ever fair to label a puppy as “defiant”. Take your dog all the way through Basic Obedience, and let your puppy get to be an adult, and then let’s talk about defiance. What you have instead is a dog that is telling you that what you are doing is unfair. If your dog is resisting you, then you aren’t doing the training properly. I get dogs to WANT to do what I tell them to do. That is what good dog training is all about. You work a dog to the point where they are “willing to please”, which means they are well trained and they enjoy doing things you ask of them.

Your dog isn’t destructive, either. Your dog is UNTRAINED and NOT PROPERLY SUPERVISED. Untrained puppies will mouth, paw at, dig at just about everything available to them. They aren’t “destructive”, they DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER. You are treating your puppy as if it was a fully trained adult dog, and that just isn’t fair.

So, if you are having trouble… quit butting heads with your puppy… and get into a good dog training program. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be angry at the pup for something that is really YOUR FAULT. Don’t be a cheapskate. Go train your dog.

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