My Puppy Is Scared And Won’t Eat

My Puppy Is Scared And Won’t Eat – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Some dogs are more sensitive than others. But, even dogs that are pretty bold can sometimes be traumatized by some event.

When dogs are scared, they often won’t eat. And that can go on for quite a long time, to the point that you really should be concerned about their health and welfare.

If you have such a situation, then you really have two problems: a medical problem and a behavioral problem.

GO TO THE VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY: If the puppy hasn’t eaten for a day, then you need to take the dog to your veterinarian for help. Your puppy could die. It is a very serious matter. If the puppy has been throwing up, or showing other signs of not feeling well, then you can’t even wait a day. Your puppy could die within hours. Something serious is going on.

THIS IS A SPECIAL DOG NEEDING SPECIAL TRAINING: In addition, if the puppy is scared, too scared to eat normally, then it is time to hire a professional dog behaviorist to help you with that dog. If the dog is that scared of eating, then this dog will possibly be sensitive about other things in the coming months, and a lot of weird behaviors can crop up. This kind of dog needs a very good program for training to build the dog’s confidence, and to prevent future problem behaviors or aggression. Clumsy attempts to work with a sensitive dog will backfire. You are in over your head.

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