My Puppy Resents Corrections

My Puppy Resents Corrections

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Some puppies will become aggressive when corrected. What’s that all about?

First off, I never correct a dog out of anger. Corrections are meant to teach and enforce good behavior, not to make a dog scared of me. And corrections shouldn’t be your way of getting back at a dog for not listening to you.

Second, puppies need teaching, not corrections. I spend a considerable amount of time, several sessions daily, teaching puppies all the correct things they should do. That means teaching them proper house training skills, puppy manners, acceptable games, and so forth.

Third, puppies can get very frustrated when you aren’t showing them how to deal with situations, but instead are punishing them. If you have ever been around small children, as I have, you’ll see phases they go through. One phase is the transition between laying around and crawling. When babies start to crawl, they can get very frustrated, angry and upset when they can’t move along. You’ll see a baby on all fours, rocking back and forth, trying to crawl, yet unable to do so. Watch how they will sometimes get very upset, and even start crying when they can’t do it yet. The same thing happens with young puppies. They go exploring, pottying, eating, and playing… trying to figure out their world… and along the way we start punishing them when they really don’t have the ability to control their behavior. It can make them very frustrated and angry, resulting in aggression. Or, we can make them afraid and cause them to bite us out of fear.

If you have a puppy that is resenting corrections: STOP! It’s time to hire a professional dog trainer. The same advice holds true for adult dogs that resent corrections, only with adults there is more danger to you.

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