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Paradise Valley AZ, Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

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Tessa is a good example of a dog I trained from Paradise Valley. A loving owner, a dog with issues, lots of effort, and a great result. What started out as an aggressive dog turned into a great family dog

I am a premier Paradise Valley dog trainer and behaviorist. I have a lot of students in Paradise Valley, AZ. Paradise Valley, AZ is one of my prime dog training areas. I am a well known and respected dog trainer and behaviorist for the entire metropolitan area. You can see, by searching the internet, I am asked by the local TV media about dog issues. I am well known in the animal rescue world, and am the Founder of Citizens Animal Welfare Society. I am co-founder of PATCHES, a project to build and operate a privately run animal shelter to supplement what the County does. I do expert witness work for attorneys. I have a partner in another business where we offer specialized therapy dog training and support to various organizations. I don’t use harsh training methods. I’ve trained all ages and a wide variety of breeds in all parts of town. This is a central business area for me, and I’m in the vicinity of your place almost every day. Setting up lessons is as simple as letting me know what you are dealing with, and then arranging an evaluation or lessons, from puppy lessons, to obedience, to behavior modification. I can do lessons at most times of the day, and sessions will be scheduled in relation to where my other appointments are each day (because I have to plan a weekly route, and I HATE being late).

For example, I have a recent referral from another customer in Scottsdale for one of their friends who lives in Paradise Valley. They want to get a Standard Poodle, and I’m helping them find a good breeder and will help them select and train their puppy. I am doing the research, interviewing the breeders, setting up meetings, will evaluate the parents, and help select the puppy they get… and because it is a friend of a friend, I’m not charging for all of this.

A good example is a miniature poodle I trained to be a therapy dog. My student, who lives near Paradise Valley Country Club, is a professional counselor, and wanted her dog trained to assist with patients with PTSD. He started out very shy and would run away when strangers came near. We worked all of that out through my Basic Obedience program. He is now very social, happy and obedient, and doing his “job” very well.

Another student lived near the Echo Canyon entrance to Camelback Mountain. His dog wanted to attack other dogs in public, and is as strong as a freight train. We worked that out with an extended version of my Basic Obedience program. Now he can be in daycare, and can play at Chaparral Dog Park. (Not every dog can be turned around to this degree, so I need to evaluate your dog first to give you a prediction and assessment).

I’m near PV almost every day, so scheduling lessons is no problem. And I understand the needs of the owners of dogs in this more affluent community, taking into consideration than many of them are self employed, travel a lot, have more than one home, have valuables they don’t want their pets to destroy, and have challenges sometimes with house managers, security and privacy, step kids, business schedules, and a whole host of other issues. I’m sensitive to all of this, and know how to make good solutions. And the dogs are loved and cared for to a high degree, and I can make suggestions to make it all work out well.

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