Pet Store Training? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

Pet Store Training? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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This email says it all… no need for me to comment on what I think of pet store or inexperienced trainers:

Hello Sam,

I found your web site and read through it.

I need help with my dogs. There are three. We have a 2 year old sweet, Rottweiler, but he jumps on guests and tugs on the leash.

My older girl, an Akita Shep mix is manageable. Fun to walk. Relaxed after we are out of the house. She is 12 years old.

Then the biggest issue is my female pit / boxer mix. She is 5 yrs old and always has been difficult to manage. She is anxious. In fact, the first years were rough. She hurt the Akita many times over toys or in the van on the way to a walk, etc.

I had met a “new trainer” at  __________ (Pet Store) and he said he could help. New wasn’t even a good definition. First of all, he took the pit / boxer for a walk on skates. He had never met her and she freaked out. He ran over her paw. He continued. (Oh and he had placed on her Cesar’s blind collar or something like that) Well, she lurched in the air very high, choking probably, panic stricken, and fell flat from air onto her head and nose. I could hear a loud crack.  He told me she is just protesting. He pulled he up again and she did the same thing. CRACK. I ran across the street and saw blood coming out her nose and eye. She had a bloody eye for a week. I told him to take the collar off immediately and I would walk her.

I have a few more stories about this guy. He created a situation in my back yard on his 2nd visit in which the two females got into a fight over a ball. And, of course, the Akita does not fight back and the pit mix sliced her leg. Wow, it was not fun. He was using all of Cesar’s quotes, etc.

I was at a point of really trying something different when I first met him at the pet store and he seemed calm and had high confidence in training a dog.

So I just started walking the pit mix on my own. I do the best I can and it is not great. A person can watch all the videos, YouTube and read books without being successful. She walks in high alert the whole time unless it is a longer walk. I walk her about 1 1/2 miles 4 times a week. It is horrible when we walk by cats. Today, she actually pulled me down and I fell hurting my ribs. A cat ran across her. (My other two dogs ignore cats, bikes)

I know she is supposed to walk behind me but I am not doing well with it. Walking my children freaks me out. If a person walks up (tries) to me she lunges with all the trimmings.

I walk the Akita 1/2 mile and the pit mix 1 1/2 miles. My son walks the Rottweiler. (I tried, but he pulled me down out the door, he settles down a couple of minutes into the walk)

I have a spinal issue and at home on disability. I was a nurse for many years. I am afraid of falling again. (I got new walking shoes today and that contributed to my off balance, but if I was trained properly, this walking would not be an issue).

Anyway, I am getting to chatty.  I live in ___________.

What are your prices, plans, etc.  I have to find a way to afford training. I want to enjoy my walks with my dogs.


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