I’m Scared Of My Daughter’s Puppy

I’m Scared Of My Daughter’s Puppy – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Are you scared of your son’s or daughter’s puppy? And what can be done about that?

Is The Dog Being Treated Well? All dogs need a fair shot at growing up to be normal, happy dogs. Not everyone has that plan for their dog. Some people get dogs for the wrong reasons. Some people get big dogs, wanting them to attack strangers, and be intimidating to everyone. In those circumstances, the dog always loses in the end. Those are situations that a dog can’t handle. Dogs need proper feeding, comfort, health care, supervision, containment when not supervised, socialization with other dogs and people, and obedience training. Without all of that, then the dog isn’t being treated well, and you need to speak up about it.

Is It The Breed? If the dog is a breed that you are uncomfortable with, then go and educate yourself as much as you can about the proper way to raise such a dog. There isn’t a way to make the breed magically become some other breed, so why not figure out how to make the best of the dog that you are dealing with? The more you know, and the more they know, the better chance it will all turn out fine. The less you know, the more worried you’ll be, and you’ll start making mistakes both with your son or daughter, and with the dog. In fact, your bad attitude towards the whole affair might be what makes the dog turn out bad. No one will listen to you if you are being unreasonable and not educated about the dog.

Is It The Behavior? Dogs need training. So do the people. So, get the dog trained. If necessary, pay for the training yourself and then be involved in doing the lesson homework. There are great solutions to almost every dog problem, if you get good quality professional help and do what they recommend.

Are You Afraid Of Dogs? If you are afraid of dogs, then that is even more reason for you to participate in the training of this dog. The more you know, the less afraid you’ll be, and the better the dog will treat you and your home. With experience comes confidence. You can do something about your fears. And you can turn this dog into a good, trustworthy, affectionate dog. If, however, you stay afraid of the dog, and act afraid around the dog, then the dog will become afraid of your weird behavior and act weird or aggressively towards you. So, you can cause your own fears to come true if you don’t get involved.

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