Racing Greyhounds vs. Greyhound Racing

Racing Greyhounds vs. Greyhound Racing

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I don’t have a problem with a person racing their greyhound.

But I do have a problem with professional greyhound racing.

Dogs should, first and foremost, be someone’s pet. If you want to let your dog run around with other dogs, or stage a fun match to allow your dog to run, full speed, against another dog, then fine. Have fun! I don’t even have a problem if there is betting to see which dog wins… provided your dog then goes home with you and is your beloved pet.

On the other hand, I believe it is wrong the way dogs are churned through the greyhound racing circuit. It is a business, and I don’t see any benefit to the dogs, in terms of a home life.

I also don’t have a problem with culling puppies, IF they are found to have unstable temperaments or have serious health problems. One of the worst bites I ever experienced was from a genetically fearful, 12 week old Australian Shepherd pup. That pup was sent back to the breeder to be put down, and replaced with a normal puppy, which I trained and it turned out fabulously. I do object to culling for non-health or temperament issues. If the dogs can be adopted as pets into homes, they should be. If you know that a pup is going to turn out to be vicious, then it is your responsibility as a breeder to put that puppy down. If a puppy is going to be a medical basket case, then I believe it justified to put a puppy down, too. To some folks, this comes close to the topic of human abortion or eugenics. No, it isn’t. Dogs aren’t people. Period.

The retired greyhound winners are either put to death, or rescued by greyhound rescue organizations. You never see a greyhound puppy, ever. That’s because the breeders put sub par (meaning the ones that can’t win races) puppies to death.

I’m for animal WELFARE not animal RIGHTS. There is a big difference.

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