Stress Negatively Affects Your Dog

Stress Negatively Affects Your Dog

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Many people don’t factor in household stress when considering why their dogs are misbehaving. Divorce, strife, overly busy families, overly stretched finances, irregular hours, kids going every which way, noise, and so forth don’t contribute to a happy dog. When people are stressed, they don’t “listen” to their dogs to find out what’s going on. Stressed people are less consistent with both the good stuff and with creating consistent and behaviorally correct solutions for their dog’s behavior… meaning less praise and more angry yelling, less quality efforts and more neglect and even intentional abuse of the family dog. This is especially important to consider when adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. These dogs have often come from very stressful homes, and you need to examine how you are going to address the aftereffects of someone else’s negligent training and handling of that dog.

Dogs need quality and quantity time with the family, simple stuff like going for daily walks, playing some fetch, and just hang out time. My dogs have all benefited by going on road trip vacations. Dogs also need to be trained and supervised, instead of being blamed for not doing what they really don’t know how to do. Dogs can’t handle human stress. In fact, humans can’t handle too much human stress.

Something to think about before you lash out at your dog today.

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