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A dog is a daily obligation. If you aren’t responsible don’t get a dog.

I know of a couple of dogs that are being neglected. Animal control has been called. The neighbors all know it is going on.

Why do people get dogs and then not care for them? What’s that all about? I don’t think there is a simple answer.

For the first dog, I know the dog is left outside and neglected, often with little to no water, shelter or food. Someone comes by every other day or so to check in on the dog, At times the dog is licking the drip pipe that comes from the air conditioner in order to get water. It is left outside in all types of weather, and when those rare rains come to Phoenix, the dog drinks muddy water in a hole it dug in the back yard. The dog barks incessantly, the neighbors have complained, so now the dog is put in a hot garage all day to bark. Animal control has been called, but they seem powerless to do anything. And you’d have to break the law yourself to get the dog away, and if it is microchipped, then the owner would get the dog back and you’d risk going to jail.

The second dog is tied out all day on a chain. No one plays with the dog. This dog is a replacement for the last dog they treated this way. The people run a group home for developmentally disabled kids, and I suspect the reason they have the dog is that it looks good on their resume when taking in foster kids. The dog’s life is an 8 foot chain, a dog house, a tree, hard rocky ground, a bowl of food and a bowl of water. The dog never leaves the property, is never played with, never given personal time by anyone. It just lays out there hour after hour, day after day. Animal control has been called, but there’s nothing they can do. And the same issue of some vigilante trying to rescue this poor dog… it won’t work.

Dogs pretty much need the same daily things that people do in order to be happy: social interaction, food, water, shelter, comfort, entertainment, and medical care and prevention. Dogs suffer when unstable people own them. Neglect is just as much abuse as beating a dog, it’s just that it is a type of abuse that grinds away at a dog over the years. It is cruel.

Maybe you know these people. Maybe you can do something about it. We’ve all tried and now are at a loss for answers.

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