Tolleson AZ, Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

Tolleson AZ, Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

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Sam Basso
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I’m a premier dog trainer for Tolleson, AZ. You need a good dog trainer in Tolleson, and I am here to help.

There are not going to be very many dogs trainers servicing your community. I’m one of the few that will. When if you need a good trainer, you just aren’t going to get the professional answers you need from a  local veterinarian or pet store trainer. And that could mean the difference between whether a person keeps their dog or not, puts their dog to death or trains the dog and fixes the problems they are encountering. I’m here to provide you with top quality advice and training.

My most recent student was from South Africa. They had a serious potty training problem with their new puppy. Once they found that they were getting unfairly angry with their puppy, they knew they needed help and they called me. We did an evening appointment. And the problem now is solved.

Most lessons will be either late morning or on weekends. Please read through the information on my programs, read my articles so you see how I work, and then give me a call or email me, and tell me how I can help.

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