Types Of Dog Haters

Types Of Dog Haters

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There are several types of dog hater out there. These people will file false claims against your dog, fight for banning dogs from public and private life, harass you, and generally cause problems for all dog owners. All these types want to criminalize dog ownership.

The Phobic Hater

This person is irrationally afraid of dogs. Even so, they expect us to paddy cake their mental disorders in order to make them feel better. Always remember, the natural response to intense fear: FIGHT OR FLIGHT. These folks are mentally unstable, so they will either get away from you, or mount an unbelievably vigorous attack against your rights to own a dog. These people perceive an altered reality, and will imagine danger and offenses that never happened, but will testify, even in court, that they did.

Animal Rights Nut

They don’t believe in the domestication of wild animals. So, they don’t want you to own, breed or train your dog. Their positions are rooted in fanaticism. They can’t be reasoned with, so don’t even try. They have to be exposed for who and what they are. There have been a number of animal abuse cases linked directly to animal rights nutcases.

Anti-Social Nutcases

These egocentric people are anti-social when it comes to your dog. They typically hate dogs (and children). Their attitude is “it’s your dog, not mine.” There is a difference between people asking you to exercise personal responsibility, and asking you to kiss their rear ends just because they don’t like dogs. These people will nit pick every little thing your dog does. They study all the rules, and they like to get elected or appointed to committees that will determine your freedom to own your dog. These people are the first ones to call animal control or the police, and will claim danger and offenses that never happened, but will testify, even in court, that they did. Unlike the Phobic Hater, they don’t perceive an altered reality. They will lie and make things up to set you and your dog up for legal problems. They will try and ban dogs from housing, hiking trails, family cook outs, the workplace, beaches, any off leash areas, parks, etc. These people will not tolerate any audible dog barking. Dogs are going to bark, and we have to have reasonable rules to allow dogs to be dogs, and for dog owners to have a dog. But, the Anti-Social Nutcase will press for a zero tolerance rule on barking: they will fight you even if they far away from you. They will use the barking as an excuse to force you and your dog out of the neighborhood. These types are especially intolerant of noise of any kind, so will press for zero tolerance laws and enforcement of extreme dog barking laws (these laws are clearly inhumane: forcing barking cases into court, where dog owners are fined thousands of dollars, and made to cut out the vocal cords of their dogs by the judges.) These people will complain about your dog even if it lives blocks away from them. These are the types of wackos that will poison your dog to get rid of it. You will also see then walking the neighborhood with a stick (often a sharpened stick or walking cane so they can stab and injure a dog they have a grudge against). Many of theses types have an aggressive and violent nature. These people don’t want to be around your dog at all. Their mentality is “I don’t want a dog, and I don’t want yours around me, either.” These people are extremely self centered, DO NOT want to greet your dog in public, or even have your dog around, period. They figure dogs should live in the country (as if there are no people there). They are nosy, and will meddle in things that are none of their business. I have found many of these types to tend towards being cranky, hermit types. They figure that they should control and initiate all personal interactions, whether it is with dogs, kids, neighbors, businesses, or others. If you intrude into their world, uninvited, then they will be offended, and if they get it in their mind they need to “police” their neighbors and the dogs in their neighborhood, they will go after you and your dog. They want to teach you and your dog a lesson.”

The Opportunist

These are the political types that use dog issues to further their political careers. They don’t care one way or the other about dogs. They will pass restrictive dog legislation and rules for their own benefits. Every town has these types of individuals. I would also categorize most of the animal rights groups as opportunists.

The Cheapskate

These types resent it if tax dollars are allotted to providing park space specifically for dogs. They forget that dog owners are tax payers, too. They also don’t realize the benefits dogs have to human society.

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