Using A Guard Dog To Protect You From Prostitutes

Using A Guard Dog To Protect You From Prostitutes

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This is in response to my article on having a dog that is too friendly:

Hi, I have a 5 year old Amstaff. We got her wen she was 2. She does not seem to like men (including young men) in particular. She is more agressive to those in uniform or whose face is somewhat concealed. She was this way when we got her. The problem is, she has very little problem with women, if any at all. The neighborhood that I live in is increasing in drugs and prostitution. These women have a tendency of using my driveway and backyard as their “spot” to complete such transactions as it has 2 single car garages that just about block view to my back yard. When these women come, if my dog is in the backyard, they invite themselves in, and she (my dog) does nothing. They eventually invite the man in and begin their business in my backyard. When I catch the act, I of course call the police (who never seem to arrive until an hour or so later). I now yell and throw things at them and then my dog will attempt to go after the man. Yet she stills does nothing to the woman. Is there anything that I can do to change this?



Yes, if your dog is too friendly, and you are in a situation that requires a protective dog, then you need a different dog. You’d have to do things to your friendly dog that you wouldn’t like doing, to turn it into a dog that doesn’t like strangers. You would wreck the dog.

Further, unless a person is actually threatening you, or is trespassing on your property, in most cases you’d go to prison if your dog attacked them. Having prostitutes on your driveway or property isn’t something that you can use a guard dog to fix. If they enter a fenced yard, then you might be ok legally if the dog threatened or bit them… but in some places, that will still land you in prison, force you to put your dog to death, and get your homeowner’s insurance canceled.

Before you deploy a dog to deal with a situation like this, I’d do the following:

a.) Talk to an attorney about your liability if the dog bit the intruders. The laws are different from city to city, state to state, country to country. Make sure you can legally deploy a guard dog. After you’ve gotten a clear answer from your attorney…
b.) Put a lock on your gate
c.) Put a spring loaded hinge on the gate so it automatically closes shut
d.) Post a “Dog On Premises” warning sign at the entry points to the home. Don’t use “Beware of Dog” or “Guard dog on premises” since it could be used against you in court.
e.) Put “No Trespassing” signs on your property, so you can legally enforce the laws against intruders
f.) Don’t leave your guard dog unattended in the yard, because someone could poison your dog when you aren’t home. You’d have to let the dog loose when the strangers were in the yard, and after you warned them to leave. Again, talk to your attorney about how to do this legally.
f.) Put out motion detector lights on your driveway so they can’t intrude in the dark
g.) I’d install a motion detector sprinkler system that sprayed water on intruders

Lastly, prostitutes are typically people with a lot of emotional and abuse issues. They aren’t there, most likely, to steal your stuff or harm you. If it was me, I’d try to get to know them, and I’d try to pass out spiritual stuff to them, and try getting a pastor or priest or rabbi to come by when they are there to talk to them about getting off the streets. I wouldn’t deploy a guard dog. The “johns” also have issues, and a preacher would have a lot more success cleaning up your neighborhood than even the police or a guard dog. They are going to want to avoid a preacher more than a guard dog! Further, I’d talk to the neighbors and try to implement a block watch program, and gather together to petition the city for improved policing.

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