What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dog Stay Outside In A Dog House?

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dog Stay Outside In A Dog House? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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What are the advantages of having a dog stay outside in a dog house?

Most dog owners do not properly house their dogs. I have yet to visit someone’s yard where they had a properly constructed dog house, contained in a properly built dog kennel. The ones I’ve seen are not suitable for the weather conditions a dog will encounter, aren’t chew proof, aren’t comfortable, aren’t properly maintained to prevent parasites or other infestations, aren’t kept clean, aren’t safe from flooding or snow or rain, and so forth.

So, in those circumstances, there is no advantage to the dog.

There are few circumstances where it is appropriate to have a dog stay outside in a dog house.

The first proper use of a dog house would be for dogs that are housed in a properly constructed and managed kennel. I see nothing wrong with using such a dog house in a kennel, provided that the dog is then brought in the home to be with the people when they are home from work. Similarly, dog breeders often need dog houses in kennels for their breeding operations. So long as the dogs get daily exercise and socialization off the property, and live as pets for part of each day, then that can be fine.

The second proper use of a dog house would be for a flock guarding dog, housed with sheep in an enclosed yard. The dog would be in with the sheep in the event a predator came into the yard to kill the sheep. The dog would have shelter from bad weather, yet still have the ability to be on patrol when the humans were away. The biggest problem is if there aren’t enough flock guarding dogs to fend off packs of predators. I have read of wolf packs coming in and killing the resident flock guard to then get at the sheep. There needs to be more force on your side than the predators have on their side, otherwise, the dogs are going to be killed.

So, in those circumstances, there is an advantage to the dog.

Usually people use dog houses because they are cheapskates that don’t want to spend the money or time to train their dogs. Or, they are those weird sort that get a dog, and then leave it to rot in a back yard, with no social interaction, no life, no exercise. The use of guard dogs is obsolete. Dogs can easily be killed by human intruders. No professional uses guard dogs any more.

So, in those circumstances, it is no advantage to the dog, it is cruel neglect, and the people shouldn’t even own a dog.

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