What Do You Do When Spanking Your Dog Doesn’t Work?

What Do You Do When Spanking Your Dog Doesn’t Work? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Do it yourself, angry dog training never works. Especially spanking…

I am amazed how many people lash out at their dogs for this behavior or that. The one common denominator in all of these cases is someone that is too lazy to actually train their dogs in the first place. And too angry.

Tell me this… how much training have you done on your dog? What have you spent? What was the quality of the trainer you worked with? How far did you take your dog? And what is it that your dog is doing that you feel justifies corporal punishment?

Puppies get spanked all the time. It is so unfair and cruel. We all know humans are smarter than dogs… Let’s see how much a human baby knows at the same age as that puppy. Would it be OK to spank a baby for that same behavior?

I know of a young dog that was brought into rescue from a shelter. Someone abandoned the dog, and a rescue organization got the dog out of the shelter and found her a new home. She pooped in his house while he was away. So, when he got home, he spanked her hard, then called the rescue group and demanded that they take her back.

Now, was that good dog training or handling? Was that fair to this dog? There is never a good reason to spank a dog for peeing or pooping in the home. Never. And it doesn’t work. And what does it say about someone that gets a dog, especially a rescue dog, and then expects it to act totally trained when the dog hasn’t proven that it is yet 100% house trained?

I remember a prospective student I met, many years ago, that would spank her dogs for a wide variety of things… jumping up, stealing food, fighting, digging, chasing, barking, escaping out the door… you name it. Her dogs weren’t trained, but they sure were spanked a lot. And they weren’t any better trained than any other untrained dogs I had ever met. It was totally unfair. I explained it in detail. She nodded her head… and went right back to spanking. She did it out of anger, too. And she was lazy. Truthfully, that kind of thing is abuse.

So, what do you do when your dog misbehaves? You TRAIN THE DOG. You hire a professional and really get the job done, including training yourself.

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