What If I Won’t Do The Homework?

What If I Won’t Do The Homework? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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EXAMPLE: WON’T DO THE HOMEWORK: TIME FOR SOME TOUGH TALK… If a student just goes through the motions, and isn’t going to get in there and work with their dog, then they just aren’t ever going to get any kind of solid, motivated performance out of their dog. So, I inject some rules into the training so that students take this on with some purpose, and then we get a great result. Yet, people are people, and I have had a few students who wouldn’t do the homework. That’s the nature of being a teacher…  some students want to succeed in class and some just aren’t that committed. There are signs I’m dealing with someone who shouldn’t be doing lessons with me: a.) They don’t do their part from the very first day. I will be giving you a list of things you should purchase (toys, leashes, collars, treats, sometimes safety equipment). When I show up day after day, and the owner hasn’t tried to even get this stuff, then that’s a warning sign. b.) They neglect the care of their dog. I see people who continue to let their dogs live in filthy conditions, for example. They don’t feed their dogs well. The dog lives in a kennel or other place that really isn’t safe, and the owner doesn’t do a thing about making it better for their dog. The water bowls are always tipped over and empty. The food bowls are crusted with old stale food. Toys are worn out to the point of being dangerous. This is another serious warning sign that the lessons aren’t going to go well. I will warn you: I don’t tolerate mistreatment of dogs. c.) The homework isn’t done. I can understand missing a lesson here and there, but a continual pattern of not doing the homework isn’t acceptable. d.) The dog is continuing to be mistreated. I repeat: I don’t tolerate mistreatment of dogs. Don’t hire me if you are going to hurt your dog. e.) Lessons are missed again and again. I am very flexible and will work with your schedule. But, if a student stands me up again and again without calling, that’s a bad sign. I know the dog isn’t getting trained, which is what I’m there to do. I’m here to set an example and set a high standard. People hire me because they believe me to be the best. I’m here to help you and your dog end up better than the way you are today. You wouldn’t attend a martial arts class, college class, or other important instructional program and expect the instructor to not speak up if you were failing to live up to your potential. In all these cases, if I see that the student won’t do the homework, I will charge extra for the time. If the problem continues, then I will complete the lessons paid for, and then ask you to go work with someone else. There are people who need your time slot more than you do. Sorry, but I have high standards. I want you and your dog to succeed, but most of that is going to be up to you.

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