When I Correct My Dog He Attacks Me

When I Correct My Dog He Attacks Me – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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What do you do when you have a dog that shows aggression to you when you correct him or her?

If you are doing things that make your dog fearful or aggressive, you are probably doing the wrong thing and making the situation worse.

There are some great ways of getting your dog to attack you, and possibly cause you to have to go to the hospital: alpha roll (pinning your dog on its side or back); hitting; slapping; swatting; pinching; spanking; cornering; yelling; hanging; jerking the dog around by the leash; shocking a dog with an electric collar on high settings; rubbing a dog’s nose in poop; beating; holding the dog’s mouth shut; etc. All of these are dangerous to use and most likely won’t fix the problem. You are putting the dog in a no win scenario, in conflict, and they have no way to read your mind.

When I work with a dog, I never correct a dog for an emotion. When I correct a dog, it is never a punishment for what the dog is doing. I instead try to change how a dog feels about a certain situation, and teach the dog a new habit. I spend a lot of time teaching dogs good habits. Most of the things people get mad about are really just bad habits they have allowed their dogs to learn, or the dog never has had any training in the first place. Because I puzzle out problems with dogs, I use a very light touch when training.

I know of a rescue dog that was beaten by a man because she pooped in his home. This idiot had the dog for no more than a week, the dog has no training, and it pooped in his home. Instead of recognizing the dog needed house training, and that he needed to implement a good program, he instead got furious and beat the dog. After beating the dog, he gave the dog back to rescue.

Rescue dogs are typically untrained dogs. They need the foundation work all dogs need in order to live in a human home: supervision, containment, comfort, play, companionship, and training. Seriously, what do you know about dog training? Probably not much.

If you have a training problem with your dog: don’t punish your dog. If you don’t know how to get your dog to do what you want, then hire a trainer! That’s what we are here for!

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