When I Yell At My Dog She Growls

When I Yell At My Dog She Growls – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Why does your dog growl at you when you yell at her? Because she feels threatened. The growling is a normal response to feeling threatened.

As a general rule, if your dog is regularly growling at you then you are doing something wrong in the training. Instead of motivating the dog to do what you want the dog to do, you are threatening the dog for doing what it is doing.

Good dog training involves manipulating a dog’s motivations. You want a dog that obeys? Then work on getting them to like doing what you want them to do.

You need a good dog trainer. There are times when it is useful to use a stern voice when dealing with a dog. But, if the problem is ongoing, you are regularly yelling at your dog, and your dog is growling at you… you are not doing a very good job of motivating your dog.

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