Why Do Dogs Run Away And Hide When They Are Being Corrected?

Why Do Dogs Run Away And Hide When They Are Being Corrected?\

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Why do dogs run away and hide when corrected? Or why do dogs hide after they have done a behavior they have been punished for in the past?

Dogs hide when they are afraid. It ISN’T NORMAL for a dog to do this if you are training and managing them properly.

You never want to use a correction method that makes your dog afraid of you.

No good dog trainer or behaviorist would ever recommend doing corrections that make a dog run away from you and hide.

If this is happening with your dog… STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Quit being a cheapskate… hire a professional. They will show you how to fix the behavioral problem, and then they can help you repair the damage you’ve done to your relationship with your dog.

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