Why Have A Dog That Never Gets Attention?

Why Have A Dog That Never Gets Attention? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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I often wonder why people keep dogs and neglect them. What is that all about? Can someone tell me?

What is it with people who will get a dog, or multiple dogs, and then just leave the to rot in the back yard, with no attention, no comfort, inadequate shelter, no training, no socialization, and no love? Why get a dog, then isolate it to the point that it develops neuroses and health problems? Why get a dog, and then let it become dangerously aggressive because it is left alone for year after year? Why live with a dog and not have any compassion or time for the dog?

It is important to also realize that MANY BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS ARE A RESULT OF NEGLECT: neglect of socialization, supervision, proper housing, play time, and training. There is no reason to neglect a dog. And leaving a dog in the back yard isn’t a valid way of protecting your home. Dogs are vulnerable to being killed in a back yard. The only way a dog can protect your home is INSIDE YOUR HOME WITH YOU. The role of a guard dog, left alone on the property to guard against intruders, has ALWAYS been obsolete.

If you are allergic to dogs, then should the dog suffer a miserable life? Find the dog a new home.

If you can’t afford a dog or dog training, then find the dog another home.

If you are prohibited from bringing the dog in your home, then find the dog another home. It is unhealthy for dogs to live outside. Dogs aren’t wolves. They haven’t been bred to live outdoors like a wild animal. And even wild animals die young. Wolves often don’t live past 5 years of age because of disease, injuries, and parasites. What chance, then, does a pet dog have living outdoors, being neglected? Not much at all.

What gives you the right to abuse a dog through neglect? Believe me, it isn’t something that you can do forever. Eventually, you’ll be found out. Yes, some people get away with it, hide what they are doing, hoard dogs in filthy conditions, and treat dogs like concentration camp prisoners. But, one day, you’ll get yours.

You are probably breaking the law. You could be fined or even go to jail if what you are doing can be proven to be inhumane. If I knew you were illegally neglecting a dog, I would report you to the authorities. And so will your neighbors if they can. And they should.

Dogs are social creatures. It is CRUEL to neglect them.

Please, if you have such a dog, then make a quality decision to either change what you are doing (because it IS abuse, as bad as if you were to beat the dog), or to find the dog the kind of home it deserves. And if you know of someone neglecting a dog: go have a heart to heart talk with them. If all else fails, see if you can find a way to get the dog away from them. I’m not telling you to break the law, but I am saying that there are legal and moral ways of getting that dog out of that situation. If necessary, talk to rescue groups to see if they can intervene, if you think that might help. Call the police or animal control. Find a way.

I wish there were laws that could be crafted to prevent this kind of thing in every circumstance. But, such a law ultimately would result in good people being banned from owning dogs, too. So, you need to make a different approach.

For the person or people neglecting that dog: PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING

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