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Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Have you ever considered why you need to train a dog? It sometimes seems so obvious, yet so many dogs are NOT trained. In fact, most of the dogs I see in dog shelters are not trained. That should tell everyone something. An untrained dog is an unloved, neglected, and often unhappy dog. And an untrained dog is a dog that is more easily thrown away, like the way you get rid of excess furniture when you move out of a place.

Reasons To Train A Dog

Some friends were kidding with me the other day about stuff I said in training their dog. I have certain catch phrases I’ve developed over the years to convey concepts. One of mine is “dead dog”. A dog is given a command and disobeys? Dead dog. Front door is opened and dog runs out? Dead dog. Dog gets out of the car without permission? Dead dog. Dog gets into a closet and takes a shoe or sock? Dead dog. Dog eats owner’s medicine? Dead dog. Dog bites or injures someone? Dead dog. Owner is lax in supervising their dog? Dead dog. Dog and owner aren’t trained? Dead dog. Dog given to a shelter or rescue organization for whatever reason? Dead dog. Dog runs into the street? Dead dog.

I CAN’T STAND seeing dead dogs on the side of the road. I really have to look away and change the image to something else. It really bothers me. I hate seeing dogs in shelters or rescue, because many have to be put down, killed, to make room for the next batch coming in. Lots of perfectly good dogs, if given some medical care and training, are killed every single day because someone didn’t take what they were or weren’t doing with their dog seriously enough.

Dogs need socialization as pups. They need to be exposed – a lot – to a wide variety of animals, people, and situations in order to grow up and be well adjusted

Dogs need manners. A dog that irritates everyone, who destroys things, and is miserable to be around will eventually be kicked out of the home.

Dogs need training. Dogs need to obey, and know the boundaries for what they can and can’t do. That’s true for tiny fluff ball dogs and big, giant dogs. Dogs who don’t obey are dogs that end up in shelters.

Owners need training. Most of the training I do is with the people. Let me tell you this: without instruction, you don’t know a darned thing about your dog, or about responsible dog ownership. You need to know how to manage your dog, give medical aid, grooming, how to get your dog to obey properly, and how to manage the people around your dog. If I gave you a well trained dog, and put you in an emergency situation, you wouldn’t know what to do, and the dog would still disobey, get injured, run away, bite someone, or cause some kind of disaster. Face it: you don’t know what you are doing. You need training, too.

The law expects that you and your dog are trained. Society expects you to be a responsible dog owner. And if you cross the line, it is even possible you can be sent to prison. Think about that.

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