Dog Training Small Details Produce Big Results

Back when I lived in Seattle, I was a member of a local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school. I highly recommend everyone try doing some form of martial arts. I benefitted greatly from the experience. There were many lessons along the way, both intentional and some that I learned through osmosis. For example, after one particularly frustrating […]

I Got The Wrong Dog

That morning, I’d arrived at the breeder’s facility to choose and purchase my first puppy. After spending time with the entire litter, there was one puppy that had chosen me. Of all the dogs, she was the one. When I exited the pen, I told the breeder which puppy it was. He confirmed which one […]

Angry Dog Training?

Let’s be honest. If you can’t train a dog very well, and that includes how you manage yourself, your dog’s training won’t get any better by getting angry. No one wants to be around someone with a temper problem. No dog wants to be around someone with an anger problem, either. I learned long ago […]

Happy Eager Dog Training

I think everyone enjoys watching, living with, and training a happy, eager dog. My viewpoint is that unless your dog is happy and eager following and obeying you, then something is wrong. Neither of you should just be a passive bystander. For your relationship to flourish, you need to put your love and effort into […]

Dog Training And Sloppy Work

I am not a perfectionist. I think perfection is an unrealistic and burdensome outlook. Not everything can be perfect, and priorities need to be set. However, as a general rule, I think higher priority items need more defined standards of quality and performance. I remember my dad preparing his saxophones and clarinet reeds prior to […]

Change Yourself Or Change Your Dog?

Some human psychology experts say there are 5 Big Aspects of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism. Each aspect can be measured using personality tests, and they vary in intensity on an individual basis. As a general rule, the more you are like another person, the more likely you’ll get along. For example, let’s […]

Things That Bump In The Night… And Your Dog Barks

What do you do when your dog wakes up suddenly and starts barking in the middle of the night? I’ll tell you what I do… I was house sitting for some friends. In the middle of the night, one of their dogs lit up, ran out of the bedroom and started barking. This was a […]

Do You Have A Funny Dog?

Does your dog make you laugh? Do you have a Funny Dog? I hope so… What do I mean by a “Funny Dog”? Some dogs just make you smile. A lot. They are sweet, playful, happy, and confident. You can tell a Funny Dog just by watching them. They are full of joy, and living […]

What Is Your Dog Handling Demeanor?

What is your dog handling demeanor, and does it matter? Your demeanor is your look, manner, bearing, attitude, expression and presence when managing, directing and leading your dog. It matters because dogs will pick up on your demeanor, and the demeanor of those around you, and that will affect how they will behave… Let’s start […]

Dog Training Essentials

Many owners want high level performance from their dogs in challenging environments. The key to getting that performance is mastering The Essentials. Here’s what I mean… Every good coach knows that top level performance starts with mastering the basics. One of the greatest football coaches in history was Vince Lombardi. He is credited with saying, […]