Which Program Is Right For You?

Which Program Is Right For You?

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PUPPY ETIQUETTE / MANNERS: Start here if you have a puppy! Everyone wants a well mannered dog. The best way is to start out right from the beginning. Young puppies need special training from the very first day home! This class addresses most of the common complaints people have concerning their puppies: nipping, chewing, jumping, barking, manners, etc. This class teaches important lessons that will last the lifetime for your dog. A puppy without good manners can be miserable to live with.

HOUSE TRAINING: House training is the most important lesson you can teach your dog, because it is the one area where you are most likely to harm your relationship with your dog permanently. Nothing is more frustrating that having a dog that isn’t clean in the home. Many dogs end up in shelters because people fail when potty training their puppies. Don’t let this happen to you! This class teaches your dog to not potty (urinate or defecate) in the home, and to potty on command outside. Includes a 1 hour in-person lesson, 95 page book, and free email support; also available as an e-Lesson (95 page book plus email support). Don’t wait. Don’t put this one off thinking that it is going to fix itself. Call now!

BASIC DOG OBEDIENCE I: Your dog needs obedience training. A dog without training is a dog that is confused, constantly in trouble, and a dog that you can’t really enjoy. If you want a trained dog, this is the place to start! This class is the foundation for a good relationship with your dog. We teach you and your dog the essential skills of: Sit/Stay, Down/ Stay, Come, Heel, Adult Manners, Basic Handler Skills & Training Theory. This is the course to take to solve 99% of your dog’s manners and obedience problems.
I’ve trained TONS of Mastiffs.

BASIC DOG OBEDIENCE II: Have you completed some training, but want more control in public? Once you have the foundation training, then it’s time to increase your skills and control of your in public settings and at a distance. Your dog’s training isn’t complete unless you can get your dog to obey in complex situations, off leash, and in public. This class stresses Distance Control, Off Leash Control, Intermediate Heel/ Sit/ Down/ Stand/ Come/ Send Away, Intermediate Fetch, Intermediate Behavioral Modification, Beginning Tracking, Intermediate Handler Skills & Training Theory. Don’t let anyone fool you: dog training takes time and dedication. There are no quick fixes.

EVALUATIONS: Sam Basso is an experienced Dog Behaviorist. When people talk about a “Dog Whisperer” or “Dog Psychologist”, they are referring to this set of skills. There is no mystical magic to this… it is a result of years of study, experience, and training. I have been a featured paid, speaker at a number of national AKC sponsored breed club events  because of my expertise. I have also volunteered countless hours doing evaluations for a variety of  well known breed rescue organizations, helping to place hundreds of dogs into new homes. I am available to provide you and your dog a Professional Assessment of your dog and situation.

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: Is your dog having “issues”? Sam Basso, a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, can help most dogs overcome anti-social or maladaptive behaviors such as Inappropriate Aggression, Fear Biting, Separation Anxiety Barking, Begging, Chewing, Pulling on Leash/ Lead, Separation Anxiety, Dominance/ Dominant/ Submissive, Fearfulness/ Fear, Jumping, Mounting, Shyness, etc. Dog training ISN’T the same thing as behavioral modification: Obedience training doesn’t fix behavioral problems in most instances.

PROTECTION DOGS: In need of a security dog? We can help you locate, train and deploy protection dogs for a variety of situations, from sport dogs to police dogs. Please inquire about our Seminars, Dog Selection, Training, Evaluations, Police K9, Schutzhund, KNPV, French Ring Sport, Personal Protection

SEMINARS: Sam Basso has been a guest on TV and radio programs, and been interviewed for a variety of publications. In addition, he regularly is invited to speak at dog related Events as a guest speaker. Sam Basso has been a guest speaker for a variety of dog events across the US.

ALREADY TRAINED, BUT NEED A TUNE UP? It is important to maintain your training relationship with your dog. This is a refresher course for trained dogs and handlers. If your dog hasn’t had any lessons for at least a year, your dog needs a Tune Up!


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