I’d Like A Dog With Power Steering, Please

How much training does your dog need? Well, that’s really up to you. Some just want a dog that they can live with, will Sit, and can go for a walk. Others take their dogs lots of places, or live a busy lifestyle that might include multiple people, places and animals. Then there are those […]

The Musical Dog

Today was Day One of practicing my clarinet. I played for many years, many years ago… then I took over 25 years off, and now I’m starting all over again. Twenty five years of past experience is still in me. I know the best foundation for playing an instrument is to master playing perfect musical […]

Dog Training During The New Normal 2020 COVID-19

You are like a lot of dog owners. You’ve been cooped up at home with your family and your dog for a couple of months, waiting out the coronavirus lockdown. Some of you still have a job and worked through it all. Some had to wait it out, but are just now going back to […]

Dog Training And Sloppy Work

I am not a perfectionist. I think perfection is an unrealistic and burdensome outlook. Not everything can be perfect, and priorities need to be set. However, as a general rule, I think higher priority items need more defined standards of quality and performance. I remember my dad preparing his saxophones and clarinet reeds prior to […]

Change Yourself Or Change Your Dog?

Some human psychology experts say there are 5 Big Aspects of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism. Each aspect can be measured using personality tests, and they vary in intensity on an individual basis. As a general rule, the more you are like another person, the more likely you’ll get along. For example, let’s […]

Board And Train Is A Mistake For Your Dog

I have had to retrain many dogs that had been “trained” in a board and train program. Dog owners should become skilled dog handlers. Skilled handlers accomplish goal proficiency through sufficient practice supervised by a skilled teacher. In addition, whatever the dogs got didn’t require anything from the owner. The owner/ handler didn’t earn the […]

What Is Your Dog Handling Demeanor?

What is your dog handling demeanor, and does it matter? Your demeanor is your look, manner, bearing, attitude, expression and presence when managing, directing and leading your dog. It matters because dogs will pick up on your demeanor, and the demeanor of those around you, and that will affect how they will behave… Let’s start […]

Dog Training Essentials

Many owners want high level performance from their dogs in challenging environments. The key to getting that performance is mastering The Essentials. Here’s what I mean… Every good coach knows that top level performance starts with mastering the basics. One of the greatest football coaches in history was Vince Lombardi. He is credited with saying, […]

Consistent And Motivated Dog Training

Once a dog is trained, is it always trained? Nope. Dog training is a perishable set of skills, for the dog and the owner. It is not uncommon for a dog and owner to lose their skills and competence over time. It is also not uncommon, as the training erodes, for the owner to become […]

Dog Training Mistakes

Everyone makes handler errors. From novice to expert, everyone makes mistakes… The question is: Is it better to make mistakes in training or during an emergency? Obviously, it is better to make mistakes, and have them fixed, during training. You aren’t going to innovate a new or better skill during an emergency. During emergencies, you […]