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Free Tips On Getting A New Dog – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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It is important to get the right dog for you. Turk is a pit bull / mastiff mix. He’s been through Basic I and II obedience. Pit bulls (and their mixes) make great dogs if properly selected, raised and trained. They aren’t for everyone, but in responsible hands, they make great pets.

Here are Free Tips on Getting A New Dog:

It’s advisable to educate yourself before you decide to educate a dog. That dog you read about in a book isn’t just going to happen. You are going to have to pick the right puppy, and then educate that puppy to become something that approximates what that dog should be. Dog books often idealize what a breed is like, not emphasizing enough that you are reading about a dog that has been purposely and correctly socialized, supervised, contained, trained, and guided. So, start here. If these articles aren’t sufficient for your needs, I do professional consultations to help you figure out what breed to get, help you find a breeder, select a puppy, select a rescue dog from a shelter, and so forth…

1.) Puppy (Or New Dog) Behavior Surprises
2.) Buying A Dog / Choosing A Breeder
3.) The Most Popular Dog Breeds
4.) Did You Get The Wrong Dog?
5.) Arguing Over The Dog?
6.) What Breed Is Right For You?
7.) Popular Dog Breed Reviews
8.) Who Shouldn’t Own A Dog?
9.) Choosing A Veterinarian
10.) Do You Have What It Takes? (To Be A Great Dog Owner)
11.) Preparing For A New Puppy
12.) Staying Motivated To Train Your Dog
13.) The Daily Dog
14.) Will Getting A Dog Help My Child’s Behavior?
15.) How Do You Introduce A New Or Strange Dog?
16.) What Should We Do With The Dog When We Are Going Away?
17.) Who Should Walk The Dog?
18.) Should The Dog Be Allowed On The Bed?
19.) Should The Dog Be Allowed Upstairs?
20.) Who Should Clean Up The Dog’s Mess In The Yard?
21.) You’re Being Too Harsh With The Dog
22.) Are We Spending Too Much Money On The Dog?
23.) Dog Breeds That Don’t Chase
24.) 10 Foolish Things People Do With Their Dogs
25.) What Are A Dog’s Basic Needs?
26.) I Shouldn’t Have To Take Care Of Your Dog
27.) Why Do People Own Dogs?
28.) How To Select A Family Dog
29.) All The Dog Breeds In The World
30.) Healthy Food For Dogs
31.) I Want A Dog But I’m Afraid Of Them
32.) Is It OK To Put A Puppy In The Back Of A Truck?
33.) My Dog Growls At My Child
34.) Rare Dog Breeds: Training And Behavior Modification
35.) Can You Neuter A Dog Yourself?
36.) How Do You Tell The Kids You Are Getting Rid Of The Puppy?
37.) Buying An Older Dog From A Breeder
38.) What Are The Advantages Of Having A Dog Stay Outside In A Dog House?
39.) Why Does My Boyfriend Hate My Dog?
40.) I Don’t Take My Dog To The Vet
41.) I’m Scared Of My Daughter’s Puppy
42.) I Don’t Like My Dog Very Much
43.) I Lash Out At My Dog
44.) The Hopeless Useless Dog
45.) What Should Be Done About Excess Dogs In Shelters?
46.) My Boyfriend And I Want A Dog
47.) How Do I Make My Family Accept My New Puppy?
48.) Are Homes With Dogs Dirtier?
49.) What Are The Best Breeds Off Leash?
50.) Bringing Home A Rescue Dog – The Danger of “Anti-Socializing” Your Dog
51.) Stolen Dog

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