Dog Behavior Evaluation

Dog Behavior Evaluation

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1.) What Do You Really Know About Dog Training And Behavior?
2.) Australian Shepherd Dog: Behavior Evaluation
3.) Did You Get The Wrong Dog?

Dog behavior evaluation
This picture was taken during a dog behavior evaluation. This is a 6 month old male Boerboel. Look at the body language, it is all wrong for a 6 month old dog. The dog was already trying to bite people, and the owner was quite worried about what they were seeing. Not all evaluations are this serious, but this one was. This breed grows up to be quite large and powerful, and needs proper breeding, selection, training and leadership.

Do you need a dog behavior evaluation?

1.) Behavioral Abnormalities: A dog behavior evaluation is necessary to examine an aggressive dog, or to determine why dogs are fighting in the home. It is also appropriate for excessive barking, destructive chewing, fearfulness, and anxiety. Most dog owners have troubles with their dogs, and many families fight over the dog. I’m here to help sort those things out. Sometimes it is talking to the family about why they are having troubles in the home… and it has nothing really to do with the dog. I am sometimes brought in to confront an abusive family member, or to settle a dispute about how to treat or train the dog. Sometimes it is the dog. The dog might be fearful, aggressive, “ADD” (Attention Deficit Disorder) in the way it behaves, nervous, shy, anxious, obsessive, destructive, house training disasters, multiple dog fights, or a thousand other things. I have many years of experience and can size up what is going on and recommend what to do next.

2.) Discuss potential euthanasia. Sometimes people need to talk about a tough decision: should we put this dog down? A dog behavior evaluation should be done before you go forward. Are you doing the right thing?

3.) Obedience: Dog obedience doesn’t always work out. I am not always the trainer that did the initial training with a dog. But, the current state of the dog isn’t what the owner desires. In these cases, you need a dog behavior evaluation. I’ve had to retrain many dogs that weren’t properly trained. Many times there are missing pieces, or the training was clumsy or downright abusive. Or one aspect of the training isn’t working. Or the dog was trained by the owner, and they are looking to get their dog to the next level. I need to first see what the owner and dog know, and how they interact, in order to make a recommendation as to where to go from there.

4.) Dog behavior evaluation for higher level skills: therapy, agility, etc.

5.) Buying Or Adopting A Dog: Do you know how to purchase the right dog for your home? How to deal with a breeder or rescue organization? I can help you with all these things (Except, of course, giving you legal advice. Some breeders make you sign a sales contract that is so complicated you need an attorney.)

6.) Choosing A Breeder: I can assist you in locating and choosing a breeder. Everyone who has purchased enough dogs over the years has made a mistake in choosing the wrong breeder. I’ve made that mistake myself, most dog professionals have made that mistake, and so have my students. Buying a dog involves intuition. It isn’t a science. I have a friend that buys and breeds top quality competition horses… and even she has purchased horses through the best horse trainers in the country from well known breeders that came up lame, or were not competitive after spending thousands of dollars on professional training. That’s always a risk, whether you use a breeder or adopt a dog from a shelter. My job is to help minimize the risks of choosing the wrong breeder. Even so, breeders can lie about their program and fool everybody. But, I’ve had enough experience to at least prevent most disasters.

7.) Choosing A Puppy: What breed should you pick? Which puppy of the litter appears to be the best one for your home? I can help increase the odds you get the right one for your home.

8.) Puppy Evaluations: Whether it is evaluating a puppy you are thinking of adopting, or a puppy you already have. Some puppies are abnormal. Some puppies are perfectly normal and the real problem is that the owners just need skills and methods to properly work with and own that puppy. Evaluations often include looking what is going on in the home.

9.) Discuss getting another dog. Sometimes people want advice on whether they should get another dog.

HOW TO SCHEDULE A DOG BEHAVIOR EVALUATION: If your dog needs a professional evaluation, my recommendation is to either send me a detailed description by email, or call me. I will promptly get back to you, and then set up an evaluation. I usually charge for evaluations, however, there are exceptions. I oftentimes can’t quote a program recommendation or price if the situation is complicated and I haven’t yet met your dog or the owner.

Client Questionnaire

After we talk, please copy and email the following to me so I can start a file on you and your dog.


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How old was the dog when you first acquired it? ________________________
Who did you get your dog from? _______
Sex: ____________________
Castrated/ Spayed? ________________
At what age? _______________
Reason? ___________________
Any change in behavior? _______
Ever been bred? ___________________
If female, ever experience heat cycles?
Have you ever owned a dog before? _____
When? ____________________
What kind (s) _______________
Are any of them still alive? _____
Have you ever given a dog up to a shelter or rescue organization, or given away or sold your dog? _____________________
What were the circumstances?
If you were taking your dog for a walk, and I just walked up and tried to pet your dog,
how do you think your dog would handle that? ______________________________
If you were taking your dog for a walk, and a friendly, off leash dog came up to your dog,
how do you think your dog would handle that? ______________________________
Any difficulties grooming, bathing or handling your dog? ______________________
How is your dog with children? ____________________________________
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