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Dog trainer of americas cutest puppy
I trained Bunker the Dog, winner of America’s Cutest Puppy Contest, shown on national TV and seen by millions of viewers. This is the moment he won!

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Are you embarrassed by your own dog? Are you one of those dog owners who is guilty of not controlling their dog? You know the answer… you now need a professional dog trainer for you and your dog and you need to get into a regular training schedule. A dog without training is in danger if loose, confused when you tell them what to do, constantly in trouble, and a pet you can’t really enjoy. If you want a trained dog, this is the place to start! As a professional dog trainer, I’ll go over with you everything your dog needs, propose a plan, and give you a price. My Obedience Program works.

PUPPY LESSONS: You can do things right, or you can do things wrong, with a new puppy. Start here if you have a puppy! Everyone wants a well mannered dog. A professional dog trainer can help give young puppies what they need, in terms of special training, from the very first day home! From biting, chewing, jumping, or early obedience, this is the program. These classes address all of the common complaints people have concerning their puppies. Puppies are supposed to be FUN! Let’s do it the right way!

HOUSE TRAINING: House training, housebreaking, or potty training… whatever you want to call it… every dog needs this lesson. No one wants to live in a home that smells and isn’t clean. Many dogs end up in shelters because people get frustrated and eventually fail when potty training their puppies. Don’t let this happen to you! (READ: Common House Training Mistakes) Call now!

PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION: Do you need a professional dog trainer to take a look at your dog’s behavior? Sam Basso is an experienced Dog Behaviorist. When people talk about a “Dog Whisperer” or “Dog Psychologist”, they are referring to this set of skills. There is no mystical magic to this… it is a result of years of study, experience, and training. (READ: Example of a Problem Dog Inquiry)

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, OR AGGRESSION PROBLEMS?: Are you saying that you really need to do something about your dog’s problems? Is your dog having “issues”? What kinds of problems do you need help with? I can help most dogs overcome anti-social or maladaptive behaviors such as Inappropriate Aggression, Fear Biting, Separation Anxiety Barking, Begging, Chewing, Pulling on Leash/ Lead, Separation Anxiety, Dominance/ Dominant/ Submissive, Fearfulness/ Fear, Jumping, Mounting, Shyness, etc.

Therapy Dog
Max is currently a therapy dog. He completed my Basic Obedience course.

DOES YOUR GROUP OR BUSINESS NEED A DOG TRAINING SEMINAR?: Do you need a guest dog trainer for your event, TV or radio program? Sam Basso has been a guest on TV and radio programs, and been interviewed for a variety of publications. In addition, he regularly is invited to speak at dog related Events as a guest speaker. Sam Basso has been a guest speaker for a variety of events across the US.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO BUY OR ADOPT A DOG?: Thinking about getting a dog, but want some advice? Here are free tips on what to do. You need to read these articles. There’s no point in getting a dog you can’t keep. Start out right by following these steps.

ALREADY TRAINED, BUT DOG DOESN’T PERFORM WELL? It is important to maintain your training relationship with your dog. This is a refresher course for trained dogs and handlers. If you haven’t had any lessons for at least a year, you need a Tune Up! Call me for an evaluation of your dog’s current level of performance, and then we can set up a program to take you to the next level.

TRACKING AND SCENT DETECTION: These are fun and interesting classes. You can teach your dog to follow a human or animal track. That’s a very useful skill. You can also teach a dog to find, indicate, and even retrieve an object with a specific scent. These classes are great alternatives for dogs that have gotten bored with agility, herding and obedience classes. Or for dogs that aren’t suitable for such classes, yet still need a fun thing to do.

DO YOU NEED A GUARD OR PROTECTION DOG, OR PROTECTION TRAINING?: In need of a security dog? Let me show you how to locate, train and deploy protection dogs for a variety of situations, from sport dogs to police dogs. Please inquire about Seminars, Dog Selection, Training, Evaluations, Police K9, Schutzhund, KNPV, French Ring Sport, Personal Protection.


1.) Prevention Is Training
2.) Thinking of Quitting?
3.) Why Should You Choose Sam Basso To Train Your Dog? (What To Expect)
4.) Customer Testimonials (Please call me if you’d like to talk to my references)
5.) My Rules (Policies, Payment, Cancellations, Rules, Disclosures, etc.)
6.) “Dog Obedience School AZ” – Some personal information about why I do what I do…
7.) Cesar Millan’s Calm Submissive / Assertive Baloney
8.) Dog Boot Camps: Good Or Bad?
9.) Does Your Dog Walk You, Or Do You Walk Your Dog?
10.) I Don’t Like That My Dog Runs Off To Strangers
11.) My Dog Is Unruly, Excitable And Out Of Control
12.) Rare Dog Breeds: Training And Behavior Modification
13.) Is It Ever OK To Hit Or Kick A Dog To Correct It?
14.) My Dog Purposely Doesn’t Listen To Me
15.) Is Taping A Dog’s Hind Leg With Your Foot Animal Abuse?
16.) If I Hear You Talk About Your Dog One More Time…
17.) My Dog Won’t Come When Called
18.) Serious Dog Corrections
19.) Sam, I’m Rich And I Want You To Train My Dogs
20.) What Is Humane Dog Training?
21.) How Many Lessons Does It Take To Train A Dog?
22.) What Are The Signs That You’ve Become A Dog’s Master?

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Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.